Commercial offers


Rezekne Academy of Technologies Physical processes and laser technologies research center’s (RTA FPLPC) cooperation offer

Our goals:

Increasing competitiveness of manufactured products in Latgale region and Latvia in general by implementing innovative laser technologies. Transfer and integration of innovative technologies from leading European companies and scientific research institutes into small and medium-sized enterprises of our region.

Commercial offers:

  • Conducting research – we carry out research based on client’s enquiries for specific laser use case, i.e., laser materials processing optimization.
  • Colour laser marking on stainless steel – we work closely with our clients to design and mark vector files suited for laser system in our laboratory.
  • Determining possible colours for any laser marking system – for this we use our own technology as well as other research center’s innovative methods.
  • Laser cutting – quality cutting of acrylic glass, wood, fabric, and other materials.
  • Laser engraving – quality engraving of stainless steel, acrylic glass, wood, fabric, and other materials.
  • Educating:
    • we organize courses, seminars, conferences about laser technology;
    • we teach safety courses about work with laser systems;
    • we carry out consultations about laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding of different materials;
    • we provide training about the use of laser systems’ specific software.
  • Design – fulfillment of individual orders.