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Laser micromachining / Laser Surface Technologies


Laser micromachining

In our increasingly miniaturised world of technology, the precision machining of details in the micro and nanometre range has become crucial. Among the few physical processes capable of meeting the demands of this sophisticated technology, laser material processing stands out. It provides the capability to modify, remove, or create components at the micrometre and, in some instances, at the nanometre scale.

The array of laser micromachining processes available at the Laser Institute Rezekne (LIR) is as diverse as their potential applications. One key area is laser microstructuring of technical surfaces, a technique we employ for specific alterations of surface properties, commonly referred to as surface functionalisation. This technique is utilised in varying contexts, such as altering the wetting or friction properties of tools or enhancing the adhesion strength of applied wear protection layers.

A particular research emphasis at LIR is on high-speed laser processing. For technical applications, it is imperative that microstructural systems are manufactured with precision and at a rate that is viable for practical use. Our focus is on ensuring that these systems are not only crafted with the highest accuracy but also at speeds that make them applicable in real-world scenarios.

At LIR, we are committed to advancing the field of laser micro machining and surface technologies. Our research and development efforts are geared towards finding innovative solutions that align with the evolving needs of our technologically advanced society, thereby contributing significantly to the wider field of precision engineering.