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About us

What We Do

At the Laser Institute Rezekne, we embody a modern scientific ethos, providing comprehensive expertise in laser technology. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions across various production domains, spearhead the development of novel technical components, and offer expert consultation and training. Our team comprises highly specialised staff, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and boasts a portfolio of international references, underlining our commitment to addressing contemporary challenges.



LIR is dedicated to forging long-term partnerships, particularly within the Baltic region, encompassing sectors such as automotive and mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical engineering, aircraft engineering, precision mechanics, medical technology, and optics. Our aim is to cultivate collaborations that not only enhance our partners’ ventures but also contribute significantly to regional technological advancement.



Our research team is steadfast in its pursuit of enduring collaborations with international research organisations. This commitment aligns with the European strategy for the development of green technologies, underscoring our response to the global challenges confronting the modern world. Through these collaborations, we aspire to elevate the research and development landscape across EU countries



Under one roof, LIR unites research and development, system design, quality assurance, consulting, and education. Our facility houses an array of industrial laser systems from diverse manufacturers, complemented by an extensive analysis infrastructure. This setup ensures that we are at the forefront of research and development in our field



In collaboration with various faculties, laboratories, and offices of RTU, LIR benefits from a unique symbiosis, founded on the RTU’s development strategy in scientific research and development. This partnership facilitates access to superior technical infrastructure and a rich exchange of expertise with specialists from both countries. This synergistic approach is pivotal in transferring technology to innovative users and startups specialising in special installation engineering, laser manufacturing technology, and laser measurement technology.



At LIR, we transform original ideas into innovative and disruptive solutions. Our goal is to empower our Baltic partners to develop competitive responses to complex technological challenges, thereby enhancing regional competitiveness. In doing so, we unleash the potential of laser technology, stimulating its long-term development as a key technological trend. This focus is instrumental in bolstering the competitiveness of not just the Baltic region’s economy but also the broader European economic landscape.